no vegetables in my garden!!

The bed below was started 3 years ago with the 2 clematis vines
and this is where my herbs call home. I have Italian parsley, lemon thyme, rosemary, greek oregano, lemon grass, chives, mint and will be adding basil and lemon balm soon. 
The bed is also home to some lillies, a yellow chrysanthemum, artemesia silver mound for year round foliage and bright orange geraniums. You also get a peek at the pink garden to which a clematis niobe was added yesterday.

The hanging baskets are 20" wide and weigh over 50lbs when soaked in water. I have added a drip irrigation system to help keep the plants alive over the summer. The plants chosen are heat and drought tollerant. let's hope they survive Texas heat.

I purchased a muscadine yesterday to train up one of the pillars to provide shade. Vine # 5. Hope it works!

The beds in the rest of the garden were dug last November. I have been slowly filling in the spots as I find the plants I like. In a few years this should turn into my garden oasis.

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