Clematis are blooming

Been busy admiring all the huge clematis blooms I have. I spent last weekend restringing the supports for the clematis as my Dr Ruppel was growing like ground cover and not vertical. It's still recovering from the neglect with a lot of the leaves and blossoms turned inwards. 

The Jackmanii (purple) above was planted in 2006 together with the Dr Ruppel. This is the best it's ever bloomed. May even reach the trellis this year. Both of these clems bloom on old and new wood. Type 2 pruning group. I am going to chop them both down after the spring bloom.

Last week, I bought a gorgeous deep burgundy clem at Lowes. No surprise it was mislabled. I think its a Niobe. 

Two clems I want to buy are both Type III's Sweet autmn and clematis avalanche which is a new one and Calloways has it for 60 buks

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