Back yard patio pots

Euphorbia "Diamond Frost"
Flameproof Winner Dallas Arboretum
Supposed to be a great filler plant 

Mandeville Parasol Crimson 
The updated Georgia mailbox plant. Grown as an annual in Dallas. Vines will grow to 6 feet and flower all summer
Looking for a tuteur to support the vine. I think the red and white should look real pretty, especially if I find a black metal teteur.

Last year, the back yard pots had passiflora Incense and Incarta; sweet potato vine, vinca and gompherena. The passies got eaten by caterpillars. I would catch the rabbits up on their hind legs eating the sweet potato vine and the rest of the plants didnt scream "WOW" as I just couldn’t water them 3 times a day in Jul, Aug and Sept.

So this year I have put in ...rephrase...dear hubby has put in a drip irrigation system. After researching many companies, I decided to go with Mr Dig at Home Depot. The kits is $12 and we needed extra tubing which cost $4. Will need a timer later but wally world has a cheap one. I don't need a Lexus of timers...just need a cheap one that works.

Now for the pots at the base of the pillars. I pulled out the petunia and was surprised to see BOTH passies growing back. I moved the Incarta to a trellis next to the fig tree (it has never flowered..maybe this year is it's lucky year) The Incense has been potted. Going to baby it a bit and see if I can get it to florish elsewhere in the garden as I really do love the flower and fragrance of it. So the pots now hold mandeville crimson parasol. I have a temp tepee for support. Going to look for a tuteur for it. At the base of the pot, I've planted another Euphorbia. Well with all the fuss this plant is getting I thought I would give it a couple of places to live. 

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