Spring has sprung

The front yard

After a very late cold blast last weekend it looks like spring has sprung. Last Saturday we were in a winter wonderland with 5 inches of snow which melted by Sunday afternoon.

The camellia Nuccio's Gem are in full bloom and I expect one more round of flowers before the end of the season. The plant looks absolutely gorgeous. I bought 2 new camellias; bella rosa which is similar to nuccio's gem but red in color and Chanleri Elegans Variegated which is an anenome form with pink petals and pink and white inner stemanoids. Need to make sure to prune soon after end of bloom. Will plat them in the next few weeks.

In the front bed, I planted 14 hyacinth bulbs in pink, blue and white and the scent is just intoxicating as you walk to the front door. Every time I open the front door I get a good whiff. The colors also are perfect. May need to look for a hot pink one for next year.

A few days ago I rescued 25+ daffodil bulbs from a neighborhood garden plot. Been admiring these daffs for 2 years on my way to montessori and saw them dug up by landscapers to plant new beds. Asked if I could take them home and now they are planted in the front garden. I'll keep them in place until next year because I want white daffodils in the front yard to play off the pink and red camellias instead of yellow. The bulbs that I had bought and planted late are just sending up leaves and no blooms and since I cant remember what color they were I'll have to wait till next year.

This morning I added a peony to my collection; found the ever elusive buckeye belle and managed to grab it for 12 bucks using coupons for about 5 eyes. I should get a couple of blooms out of it too. I am going to see how the festiva maxima and inspecteur lavergne bloom before I decide where to plant buckeye belle.

The itea little henry is getting tiny leaves on it. Cant wait to see it in bloom.