Not afraid of worms

The spring gardening bug struck again. A trip that meant to see what the garden stores had in stock ended up with me buying this collection:

Creeping Phlox - clearance 99 cents (the pink flowers)
Dwarf Coreopsis - 1.99 (yellow flowers)
Geranium - orange sunset something - clearance 1.49 
Dwarf lilly orange and yellow - clearance 99 cents
Hibiscus yellow and double dip but the tag said coral something - 7 buks each

Ok so I start digging the holes for this collection and every time I dig a hole I see tons of worms...eeeeewwwwwww. I plan a few then decide to move to another area. Same thing..worms galore. yes I know it's a good thing to have so many worms but I find my self repeating...not scared of worms as I dig away.

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