Camellia Nuccio's Gem - Possibly the most perfect shaped white flower I've ever seen. Pure white and spanning 4 inches across; flowers December to February. 

The price tag nearly knocked me out but I had to have the plant. I potted it in a brand new container of course. It grows between 6 and 8 feet tall but I'll keep it pruned to not spread too much. I'll have to watch it like a hawk in the Dallas summer heat and in the winter I may need to wrap it in a blanket on nights the temps go below freezing. Note to self not to prune from June to September as this is when the flowers are formed. 

Camellia Japonica Nuccio's Gem - founded in 1970 by Nuccio's nursery in Altemeda, CA.
Bought it - February 2009
Location: East facing under porch. Sheilded by brick pillar. 

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